Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New National Study Shows Integrative Medicine Commonly Used to Treat Chronic Health Conditions

Interesting, but not a surprising study that confirms more people are seeking an alternative type of health care for relief of chronic pain.  However, double-blind, peer reviewed research to support the use of these alternative treatments remains very, very sparse.  

You may of asked yourself, why wasn't chiropractic care included in the study?  I do not have an answer.  I do know that chiropractic represents the most utilized type of alternative treatment to traditional medical care and has the most supportive double-blind, peer reviewed scientific research.  So why isn't chiropractic care be referred for by the Cleveland Clinic, Duke, Mayo Clinic, Stanford and MD Anderson Cancer Center and other medical centers? I do not have an answer. However, even in light of the overwhelming evidence of chiropractic's excellent outcomes clinically, over-all cost-effectiveness and superior safety record, chiropractic is not even mentioned.  

Is that medically ethical, to just ignore or not even advise a patient about a treatment that reasonable may benefit them?

You decide.  Dr. Press

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