Saturday, January 31, 2015

Outcomes of Pregnant Patients with Low Back Pain undergoing Chiropractic Treatment

Low back pain during pregnancy is a very common problem that causes hardship, loss of quality of life, medical complications, reduction in work productivity and increased sick days in the workplace.  More facts and details are provided here: Study/Article Here

Some mothers to be may be recommended to just use Tylenol.  Safe or not safe?  Here is a recent study that may change your mind:  Study/Article Here  And maybe you should think again after reading this:  Study/Article here 

Chiropractic care for pain relief during pregnancy is safe and highly effective.  The studies prove it.  However, does your OB/GYN doctor know this and are they recommending chiropractic therapy, in light of this study and many others?

Here is just one of the the most recent research studies confirming the benefits of chiropractic for low back pain during pregnancy?  Study/Article/ Here
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