Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Headache Common After Kids' Brain Injury

A small study, but conducted and reported well.  Our children can have persistent headaches and how they are treated matters.  I believe proper diagnosis and a drug-less approach is more superior for the following reasons:

1.  At an early age we can prevent dependency and possible addictive behaviors concerning pain medications.

2.  Prevent potentially life threatening side effects or injury to other organ systems.

3.  Introduce our children to safe and effective alternative treatments for pain management.

Another interesting fact is the following statement from the study: 

"Previous studies in adults have shown that persistent headache is more common after mild injury than after more severe injuries, suggesting that the pathophysiology underlying the different grades of injury may differ".

This well known and studied syndrome explains in part why when an adult in a minor impact vehicle accident (low amount of car body damage), may have persistent mild, moderate and even severe headache complaints.  I see this often in the care of auto accident patients. Dr. Press

Here is the article:


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